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What the hell is wrong with you two!?!?!

Gotta agree...

Very SpumCo and Venture Bros.-ish.


"Your mom is fat!"

I just love this cartoon, I'm watching and chuckling "on awe" at the phone prowess, but burst into laughter at the look on that guy's face when the TTG says "Your mom is fat!"

Glad to see more Lemon Demon,

Neil, I've loved your work since Hyakugojyuchi(sp?) and it's good to see you back, I though you stopped working on stuff since P33 hasn't gotten any news or anything. (not that I'm rushing you! I just want info!) Glad to see ya get the word out!


I love this cartoon. That's all there is to it, it can only be improved by doing two things.
1)Tails' Tails:They seem a little unnatural, rather then use a small line that hooks to the left, it should've looked more like a constantly spinning tail, like a cone.

2)Empty Environment:The whole thing is great but the environment is all... clear skies. Maybe make it more in depth.

Belongs on the front page

Seriously, the lowest rating you got was a 5 out of 10, okay, this is front page material. Also, to he who said the batman was stolen from YTMND, THAT WAS THE FREAKIN' JOKE. Ya know, like when Numa Numa appears for no reason in other cartoons? It's a pointless pop-culture reference that is entertaining.

"My cock can walk right through the door!" *giant penis starts walking*


Nice work!!!

I gotta remember to read this comic! I never got a chance to and keep forgetting to!!! Still na awesome cartoon nonetheless.

"well kids, we learned a lot of lessons today,

most importantly staway from from that Frankenwolfthing. That is one scary sonuva bitch."

Favorite quote in the whole cartoon. Except maybe "Well that's great OMYGAWD! ...oh mhy god... stay calm Billy... it's a frankenwolfmanstein."

Great work as always. Can't wait for more.

Loved it.

Would make a good series... but that's beside the point, I really like all your cartoons. This one alot more then others, the characters really reminded me of Leo and Aeris from VGCats. A great cartoon no matter how ya look at it.

Right on Skoll!

I'm not a skater, I'm a nerd, but crap like that pisses me off. People who maky even enjoy a funny cartoon, and give it a 0 because people look like, or talk about, certain things. People gave Decline 3 0s because they liked the PSP, when in fact their commentary said they know it isn't perfect.

Oh right... the review.

Overall, a great cartoon, love the series, keep up the work.

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