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Loved it.

Would make a good series... but that's beside the point, I really like all your cartoons. This one alot more then others, the characters really reminded me of Leo and Aeris from VGCats. A great cartoon no matter how ya look at it.

Right on Skoll!

I'm not a skater, I'm a nerd, but crap like that pisses me off. People who maky even enjoy a funny cartoon, and give it a 0 because people look like, or talk about, certain things. People gave Decline 3 0s because they liked the PSP, when in fact their commentary said they know it isn't perfect.

Oh right... the review.

Overall, a great cartoon, love the series, keep up the work.


Didn't like it, only watched until it scared me, okay, I despise flashes like this. What I call "Resident Evil Scare" flashes because RE had the same cheap scares... calm, simple and then UHOHES! MONSTER JUMPS OUT! Anyway, didn't like it, but gave it a 4/10 because it was original for a Scare Flash.


It's like one of those jokes that makes parents say "don't tell that to the kids Grampa!" Funny.

And I'm off!

Bwashoom! *Now this is a story all about how my life got flip-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute just* Bwaaaooo! *thud*

Really, Really, Good!

I'm not a very big star wars fan but I gotta say this is pretty good! Reminded me of the Clone Wars thing on Cartoon Network.

He's a fuckin' shoe...

Loved it! I watched it like three times! Everytime I hear her say "Shoey the Fuckin' Shoe" I laugh my ass off.

This ruled!

Very nice! Mother Nature was very well portrayed! And now as I often do, I shall review the WORST review you got:
this is no flash ya sure there is some vilonce in it but it does not make a lick of science so why dont you just go off and make some outher gay stuff or better ye just kill yourself you fuckin n00b
"Lick of Science"? And you call the author gay...
NOTE:I am not homophobic, I was calling the reviewer self-hating.

This was awesome!

Everyone needs to see this.


Arnie the Special Retainer appears if you look at the castle at the beginning and if you click the Sobe bottle.

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