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Teh A wesome....

I loved it! Wished it were a bit longer though... plus a play all button would be good. But you got the Venture Bros!!!!! w00t.

This movie....

This was perfect. It even gave me an element of fear, the character (I call him Madness Incarnate) couldn't kill that clown, and the animation coupled with the music perfected it.


Two guys fighting each other over a cookie. Make a sequel. With weapons.

He's behind the fucking cloud.

Also this was WAY too short. Honestly, update this to make it longer before you make a sequel.

okay you antifoamy people...

Now as far as I can tell the problem people have for foamy is "OMFG u lazzee aminator!!! BLAMZORS!" listen, animation doesn't have to be perfect, if I can see something hilarious in a poorly drawn pinecone, it's good, but are you saying that if a man taking a crap on jesus is well drawn you'll vote 5? Oh! Nevermind, you don't hate it because of it's animation you hate it because you have 52 people in your ass, your mom, your dad, and 50 random hobos.

How many times has Wolverine died?

We may never know the truth...

It was like a wizard shoving cereal into my brain

I loved it! Every second!

FEF... *sniff* so beutiful, so delicate...

I love the Jesus Vs. Colin series and remake of part 1:FEF makes me wonder... will you be remaking the other two? And while we're on the ubject, will you be doing any more Lemon Demon work?

TmsT responds:

No no, one cheesy remake movie is more than enough.
I hope that I can do some more LD music vids. The songs are so inspiring.

Uhm... lenin...

This is newgrounds, if you come here, you might as well accept the blasphantastic cartoons, and the unamerican stuff.

Personally I loved it, especially "Or your children will die!"

You should work for the show.

Not even cartoon network can make animation this good.

I no longer live here. Look for Bluddo on the portal, he is the new me, please disregard anything I have said or done on this account, I detest it so.

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