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Arnie the Special Retainer appears if you look at the castle at the beginning and if you click the Sobe bottle.


I'm always into child violence...

And to answer your question Imte it's called ForeShadowing, like in a cartoon when a guy says "Don't push that button!" and the do it anyway.

I loved how the whole time he wouldn't stop saying


Really good!

I'd watch it, and I loved the taglines:
"You're going ot hell"
"Fall into temptation"
I wish it was a real cartoon...

Pretty sweet.

Loved it! It was a dumb joke but you ran with it and created what is sure to be a sleeper hit. You should make some dumb series of cans with bodies fighting, I really enjoyed Gokite and Sprigeta fighting like that, very original!

Ani-x responds:

a series huh? maybe in the futer..hehe

there was a part where gokite and sprigeta were slap fighting in the air, but i had to cut it becuse it was dragging out the pover all joke...
shame to, it was pretty funny..
and same with smoke in the tree's, he lead to a mortal kombat thing, also cut

oh well, maybe in the future flashes of mine ill hide the sceans in buttons or somthing...hehe

we will see

There was only one thing wrong...

The giant bunny seemed a little unnatural at some points, like how SMASH and the ground is from dirt to grey stones, also how SnowBall bursted through the IntroLobotomy without any blood on him.

Also IntroLobotomy is fun to say.

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Sweet! Wanna play it right now! Also Psycho-Mantis, He's afraid of porcelain becuase in one game he got hit with a Porcelain vase which started this terrbile phobia.

I love this series!

This trilogy is just plain awesome, I expect to see some style clones similar to Madness or South Park, also just so everyone knows, like in DT:2 clicking the "Don't play again" scene in scene select opens a secret scene.

I agree with Jocho116,

This unique style even if repeated is funny enough to get viewers, and other shows know this too, for example every Family Guy episode is essentially just a hilarious clip show. But this one was more unique then others seeing as Foamy ranted along with the Hatta. Very interesting look at television.

The easter egg reminded me of Teen Girl Squad

Very cool flash, I wanna see a review of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" I haven't read the book and want to know if I'm wasting money before I see it.

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